FAQs: Selling Your Jewelry at Ben Shemano Jewelry

FAQs: Selling Your Jewelry at Ben Shemano Jewelry

If you are interested possibly selling fine jewelry,  diamonds, watches or gemstones below is some helpful information. At Ben Shemano Jewelry, we offer complimentary purchase appraisals, otherwise known as offers/bids.

• Call or email for a private appointment. Seeing your items in person is always best.

• Bring your items along with any paperwork. GIA or other certification are the most valuable, but appraisals or receipts can also be helpful.

• But, if you do not reside in the Bay Area, please email a photo of your items and any certification or paperwork that you have to start a conversation.

• We are happy to help you sort through your treasures. If you are not sure what you have or if an item is real, we will be able to help you sort things out. We have state of the art equipment, over a decade of experience and GIA training.

• We are happy to handle the queens jewels or Aunt Betties collectables.

• Box and papers can affect the purchase prices when selling a watch. So, take a few minute to see if you have those on hand.

• If you decide not to sell your items, we love to help reinvent or repurpose  your jewelry.

• Our offers will be honored for two weeks and we will always give you our best offer and or best direction.

• On occasion, consignment can be an option.

• Be sure to bring an valid ID to your appointment.

• Please do not ever send jewelry without first speaking to us and making arrangements.

• We do not buy costume jewelry, but often purchase signed fine jewelry.

• We do buy gold and feel free to ask us about silver flatware.

Phone: 415-362-7777 Email: info@benshemano.com

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